“Bitter-Sweet / Triptych / Casanova” – Roxy Music

The first three songs from side 2 of Roxy Music’s incredible 1974 album “Country Life,” my favorite album from that legendary band.  And with a graphic that is finally safe for work!  Anyone familiar with the “Country Life” album will know why this is significant.  In some ways, “Country Life” is the perfect “desert island disc,” not only for the great music, but … well … the cover.  If you’re alone on a deserted island with no companionship and limited media, this album has what I will call “multiple purposes.”  If you have no idea what I mean, you can do a search on Google Images.  After that, you’re on your own.

2 thoughts on ““Bitter-Sweet / Triptych / Casanova” – Roxy Music

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