Friar’s Club Roast of Chevy Chase (2002)

Ahhh … the infamous Friar’s Club roast of Chevy Chase from 2002. Why infamous? Many people are of the opinion that this was the meanest roast of all-time. Marc Maron, one of the roasters, said it was one of the most depressing nights of his entire life. My opinion? I’m not sure why people think THIS is the meanest roast. The Comedy Central roasts of Flavor Flav and Larry the Cable Guy were 50x meaner in my mind. The difference may be that Chevy looks like he wanted to be anywhere else but attending that roast and Flav and Larry were eating it up.

To be fair, Comedy Central tried editing this into a “fun” 1 hour special. You can tell because they seem to use the same clip of Chevy smiling multiple times … albeit through gritted teeth. Chevy allegedly said “That hurt” before stalking off the stage, but that’s not on the special that aired. From what I understand, it wasn’t the jokes that upset Chevy so much but the fact that most of the people on the dais were people he never worked with or even knew him. For more context on the roast from Chevy’s perspective, you’re encouraged to read the 2004 article from “Entertainment Weekly” at the link below.

My opinion? I thought it was pretty funny. But then again, he’s Chevy Chase and I’m not.

A word of warning: even though the worst words are bleeped out, this is a roast, so not safe for work or delicate sensibilities.

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