The “fat girl” speech from “Louie”

I don’t have much to add to all the praise and hubbub that this episode is generating out there. But it’s a prime illustration of why “Louie” is one of the coolest, ballsiest TV shows of all time. “Louie” has continually been one of those shows that’s hysterically … oftentimes profanely … funny, but isn’t afraid to get serious if that’s what the moment calls for. And when I mean serious, it’s not in “a very special episode” kind of way. The common denominator on “Louie” is exposing what’s real. It treads the line between funny and serious better than almost anything I’ve ever seen.

A friend of mine once told me he had difficulty seeing what all the fuss was about re: “Louie.” I advised to not think of it like a sitcom, but to watch it the same way you would watch a Spike Lee film. Lee’s films are oftentimes really funny and serious as s–t … sometimes going back in forth several times between both poles in scenes lasting no more than 5 minutes.

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