“Holland 1945” – Neutral Milk Hotel

The most famous song off Neutral Milk Hotel’s 1996 classic album “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.” The album was a concept album about Anne Frank … this song especially so. “Holland 1945” is a song that’s deceptively upbeat, but is immensely sad and moving.

The internet was in a frenzy circa 2007-2008 when this song was played during a commercial break on “The Colbert Show” where this song was played. From one report I read on line, Colbert:

– Appeared to know all of the words to the song.
– Moved his head to look around a producer when his eye contact with (an audience member) was briefly blocked.
– Acknowledged his and the audience member’s mutual understanding of the sad nature of the song, which is about Anne Frank, by making a “sad face” and tracing the motion of an invisible tear down his cheek. (The audience member), in kind, mimicked this motion back to Stephen.


A wonderful moment when one pop culture icon acknowledges another in a cool and subtle way.

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