“Love on the Rocks” – Jonathan Davis

Korn’s Jonathan Davis does a pretty cool and transcendent cover of Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks,” recorded for the “Wonderland” soundtrack in 2003. I call it transcendent because Davis sounds like he’s taking the lyrics VERY seriously and treating them with all the gravity and desperation they allude to.

I’ve talked about “Wonderland” before on Dave’s Strange World and it’s the James Cox-directed docudrama about the infamous Wonderland Murders of 1981, which involved down-on-his-luck porn star John Holmes. Imagine the “Sister Christian/Jessie’s Girl” sequence from “Boogie Nights” expanded to feature length and that will give you an idea of what an unremittingly intense experience “Wonderland” is.

The accompanying video is a montage of scenes from “Wonderland” set to the this Davis cover. Not safe for work.

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