“I Don’t Need You No More” – J. Geils Band

Most people of my generation only know the J. Geils Band from their EMI Records period of the late 1970s / early 1980s. While they had some great songs during this time, the J. Geils Band started as an American version of the Rolling Stones, delivering loud and nasty R&B without the distinctive synthesizer of their EMI period. This early period, when they recorded for Atlantic Records, is very reminiscent of what the Faces were doing during the same era.

“I Don’t Need You No More” is the opening track from their 1971 album “The Morning After” and it’s a stunner. The bass and drum sound alone will blow your speakers. It’s a shame this song isn’t better known. On the other hand, finding these gems as I get older makes listening to satellite radio a must … especially as “terrestrial radio classic rock” plays the same 20 Rolling Stones / Beatles / Who songs ad nauseum.

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