Ben Kingsley in “Sexy Beast” (2001) dir. Jonathan Glazer

One of the most pleasant acting surprises of the last several years was Sir Ben Kingsley’s turn as psychotic gangster Don Logan in Jonathan Glazer’s brilliant British gangster film “Sexy Beast.” Who would have thought that Kingsley, the master of playing sedate, thoughtful, mature characters would let his freak flag fly so blatantly … and excessively? Seriously, in a battle between Kingsley’s “Don Logan” and Jo Pesci’s “Tommy” in “Goodfellas,” I might give the edge to Kingsley. Maybe the bald pate makes him look more intense, but Kingsley looks like a rabid f–king dog in “Sexy Beast.” As much as I love Jim Broadbent, Kingsley DESERVED that freakin’ Oscar in 2001 for “Sexy Beast.” Or at the very least, Broadbent should have offered it to him. Because the f–king insane rage Kingsley brought to that part comes from somewhere. And I wouldn’t want to cross him in a dark alley.

This clip is definitely NOT safe for work.

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