Robin Williams interview with Marc Maron (WTF Episode 106)

Another brilliant interview from Marc Maron from his stellar “WTF” podcast.  This time, Maron interviews legendary comedian and Oscar-winnning actor Robin Williams (the interview took place sometime in 2011) and it’s the best interview I’ve ever experienced with Williams.  It’s been popular to bash Williams the last several years for the overuse of the manic schtick which made him famous.  Which, if truth be told, has not been entirely unfair.

But seriously, forget all those things you think you hate Robin Williams for.  In this interview, you get none of the manic schtick that’s been de rigeur for Williams for over 30 years.  And Williams still absolutely f–king kills!  Maron and Williams sound like two smart old friends shooting the s–t about all kinds of topics: addiction, the art of comedy, fellow comedians, etc.  Like most of Maron’s interviews, the interview flows like two jazz musicians riffing off each other.  It’s like eavesdropping on a conversation between two incredibly cool people where you can’t even imagine interrupting, because doing so would interrupt the conversational magic taking place.  An amazing hour.

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