Why Cinema’s Conversion to Digital May Not be the Best Idea …

I have mixed feelings about how much of our media is being digitized these days. While I love my Amazon Kindle, love Netflix and Hulu Plus, love my Amazon Cloud Player, etc., there is a danger in trusting that elusive “cloud” to hold everything the way you like it. First of all, a “cloud” is always owned by someone else. And once you give up control to another outside force, you are totally at their mercy … despite their reassurances about how they’ll never go out of business, never be obsolete …

The conversion from film to digital (with no options) is sadly, the wave of the future. However, this story about how one year’s work on “Toy Story 2” was almost gone in less than a minute should give pause to anyone who totally embraces a digital future. Just because digital is not a physical medium doesn’t mean that it’s not fragile. This is the future, folks.

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