Marc Maron on “The Howard Stern Show” 5-1-2013

One of THE best interviews I’ve heard in a long time, if not ever, is Howard Stern’s interview with comedian and podcaster Marc Maron. Maron is getting a lot of attention these days due to a terrific new book that just came out (“Attempting Normal”), a new IFC series (“Maron”), and host of, arguably, one of THE best podcasts of all time (“WTF with Marc Maron”).

Maron’s podcast “WTF” is required listening if you’re a fan of comedy, film, and underground culture as Maron is one of the best interviewers around. So it should come as no surprise that his interview with Howard Stern (another great interviewer) would result in one of the most compelling near-hours I’ve heard in a long time. Maron is quite frank about how his anger and bitterness over the years towards his more successful friends (Jon Stewart and Louis C.K.) burned a lot of bridges personally and professionally.  His tales of partying with Sam Kinison back in the day are harrowing and hilarious. Well worth checking out, but lots of bad language so not safe for work.

And if you like what you hear, check out Maron’s podcast, which can be located at the iTunes store or at his website:

Again … simply amazing stuff.

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