“Swallowed” – Bush

Bush was always dismissed as a bad British knock-off of Nirvana riding that “alternative nation” bandwagon all the way to the bank. Funnily enough, where was Bush most popular? Yup, the good ole U.S. of A. I look at it this way: just as the Count Five were the uncool (at the time) American version ripoffs of the hip British Yardbirds, Bush were the uncool British version of the hip American Nirvana.

Yes, they may have been derivative, but “Glycerine” was a damn fine grunge power ballad. And, when they hooked up with so-called pigf–k auteur Steve Albini for their album “Razorblade Suitcase,” the lead-off single “Swallowed” was … sorry … really f–king sublime!!!! OK, just because I love this song doesn’t mean I’ve got Creed buried in my iTunes. (I swear on the lives of my internet providers, I don’t.) But this is a very very cool track.

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