“Don’t Change” – INXS

I’m not a fan of INXS, but there’s a few of their songs I really like. “Don’t Change” is one of them. I think the reason I like this song so much (along with the other exceptions that appeal to me) is that it doesn’t really sound like most of their other stuff. When “Don’t Change” pops up on 80s or New Wave stations I sometimes listen to, I don’t change the dial. A very underrated song in their oeuvre. From the stupidly titled 1982 album “Shabooh Shoobah.”

1 thought on ““Don’t Change” – INXS

  1. As a long-recovered INXS fan, I still have to argue that this song is very similar to the other work from “Shabooh,” and the drummer, in particular, pretty much played the same way throughout their whole career (till you know who did you know what).

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