“Black Sabbath” – Black Sabbath

The opening track of Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album, this song sets the stage for the marriage of heavy metal and Satanism, Goth, and other things some people are scared by and other people laugh at derisively. Yes, a lot of this is pretty silly, but the song still knocks me for a loop every time I hear it. And if I ever fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker, I get first dibs on using this song for a scene in a mob film where a hitman plots taking out some enemies. This post will be registered with the WGA, so if any of you wannabe Tarantinos decide to steal from this wannabe Tarantino, my team of lawyers will see you in court.

By the way, Black Sabbath’s debut album was recorded for a mere 800 pounds ($1200 in American dollars). This is 1/5 the cost of the Ramones allegedly “low-budget” debut album which cost $6000 in American dollars.

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