“Warr-ee-yors … Come out to play-eee!” from “The Warriors” (1979) dir. Walter Hill

Yes, it’s the infamous scene where Crazy Luther … rattling three glass bottles together … challenges the beleaguered, but strong street gang the Warriors to a final battle. Luther, played by David Patrick Kelly, based this infamous taunt/intimidation on a neighborhood crazy Kelly grew up with who was always screwing with Kelly for some reason or another back in the day.  My other thought about this scene is how much I still have a crush on Deborah Van Valkenburgh.

As to “The Warriors,” it’s one of the best action films ever made. Try to see if you can hunt down the original theatrical version instead of director Walter Hill’s revised “director’s cut” which frames the action within comic book frames. Seriously, the film is already a comic book, why would you call extra, unneeded attention to this?

Enough already with these delusional Boomer film directors and their “improvements” on films that don’t need it.   As the creators, they can do whatever they want, but don’t make the originals … the ones that I remember seeing and loving … impossible to see. Lucky for me, I managed to track down a theatrical cut DVD three years ago at a Hollywood Video that was going out of business and selling off its inventory.

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