“Steppin’ Out” – Steel Pulse

This was one of the defining songs of my 10th grade year in high school. Mainly because I got rides to school with my older brother and he played the “Earth Crisis” cassette in his car every day. I finally got to see Steel Pulse live during my first year of college when they opened for Bob Dylan. In retrospect, the acoustics were so horrible in the basketball den where I saw them, that it wasn’t quite the transcendent experience I was expecting. Fortunately, I was too chemically enhanced to care.

2 thoughts on ““Steppin’ Out” – Steel Pulse

  1. I worked with Steel Pulse’s soundman, Horace, so got the lowdown on the band right from the start. It was great to watch them from behind the mixing desk & to see them go from strength to strength. The last time I saw Horace (Pulse shared a bill with the Buzzcocks) he had been touring with Bob Marley. He was not sure what country he was in never mind what day it was !

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