“Somebody’s Gonna Get their Head Kicked in Tonight” – Fleetwood Mac

Ironically, most people probably know the punk cover of this by the Rezillos (thanks to its use in “Jackass: The Movie”) more than they know the original by Fleetwood Mac (the pre-Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks version). However, the original is wonderful psychobilly by a band that’s not known for such things. Somewhere you can hear the Cramps taking notes.

2 thoughts on ““Somebody’s Gonna Get their Head Kicked in Tonight” – Fleetwood Mac

  1. Those early British blues bands had an odd leaning towards cabaret in their stage shows. Chicken Shack (Christine McVie’s first group) had a leader who did impressions, Jethro Tull had Ian Anderson & Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer, a limited guitarist with a taste for 1950s parodies of rock and roll. This track was his party piece. Spencer was side-lined as the Mac expanded & during a US tour joined the “Children Of God” cult.
    I knew a musician who, in the 70s when the Mac were floundering, was sent to tour the US as a fake Fleetwood Mac by the band’s ex-manager. The band had to sue to reclaim the name of a band named after themselves !
    I love Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, I only heard some lovely live tracks just last year. That other group, the multi-million selling, everybody slept with everybody & we are going to tell the world about it one…forget about it.

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