“Both Ends Burning” – Roxy Music

From Roxy’s terrific 1975 album “Siren,” here in just slightly over 5 minutes is the blueprint for most of Duran Duran’s output from between 1981 – 1986. Duran squared claimed they sounded like a cross between the Sex Pistols and Chic. But I would argue that statement was a subterfuge to mask their real influence. Durannies, I’m calling you out.

2 thoughts on ““Both Ends Burning” – Roxy Music

  1. In the Summer of 1972 we watched Roxy make their debut on Top Of The Pops with “Virginia Plain” before driving to see them play live later that night. The band were in full 1st album regalia and were playing in the Winter Gardens (Ha !), a shop-worn remnant from the heyday of a very faded seaside town. The contrast between the setting & the very modern music was spectacular and perfect. A memorable gig, Eno attacking his keyboard with plastic cutlery at one point…Good days.

  2. Sounds like a great concert. I started getting into Roxy Music as a teenager when I used to see their cool album covers in the import CD section. Aside from “Avalon,” the CD versions of their albums didn’t get released in the US until 1990 or so. Their first five albums, from the debut through “Siren,” is one of the best and longest winning streaks of any band in rock history. After “Siren,” things were still pretty good, though not as great as that 72-75 period. “Manifesto” and “Flesh + Blood” have grown on me over the years.

    Which brings us to “Avalon.” I’ve had an up and down relationship with that one over the years. Overall it’s decent, though I can’t stand the title track and that ridiculous female singer cooing in the background. I always thought “More Than This” was a bit overrated as a song, though even if I liked it more, it’s been played so damn much, it really needs to be put to sleep.

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