“Nasty Gal” – Betty Davis

Betty Davis (Miles Davis’s ex-wife) was a true funk pioneer.   She released some terrific but unheralded albums during the early-to-mid 1970s.  Seattle’s terrific Light in the Attic record label (who also recently re-released Sixto Rodriguez’s classic early albums) re-released a lot of her stuff a few years back.  Much of it is still available, but Davis’s “Nasty Gal” album no longer appears to be in print.  In any case, this is well-worth tracking down.

2 thoughts on ““Nasty Gal” – Betty Davis

  1. Easy Tiger…isn’t it a little early on a Sunday evening for Betty ? It is a “holy grail” scenario for me to find footage of any kind of Ms Davis…no luck yet. The music just grabs and keeps on doing it. It all sounds good, “Game Is My Middle Name” is the big one around our crew.
    On a different tack i would be interested to hear your take on the up-coming election. Last time we the “Daily Show” on UK TV to help us. This time it’s the same old talking heads covering their butts and saying nothing.

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