“I Am the Cosmos” – This Mortal Coil

One of the things I love discovering music-wise are unique and cool covers of great songs.  Today’s model:  a cover of Chris Bell’s mopey, but brilliant mid-1970s pre-emo classic “I Am the Cosmos” by the 4AD masters of mope (not meant to be an insult, by the way), This Mortal Coil.   I never thought I’d say this about This Mortal Coil, but this kind of rocks a little.  Not so much you’d put a lighter and fist in the air, but it’s a bit peppier than “Song to the Siren” or “Holocaust.”  And I really like the double-tracked vocals that reminded me of Grand Funk Railroad’s cover of “Locomotion.”  (Yes, I know, I’m making this sound dreadful, but trust me, it’s really very very cool).  It’s better than Scarlett Johannson’s decent, but pedestrian Fiona Apple-esque take with Pete Yorn.   Color me impressed.

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