“Buffalo Ballet” – John Cale

Like Randy Newman, John Cale has been responsible for some of the most beautiful, sad, frightening, and darkly amusing music ever written. “Buffalo Ballet” is more on the beautiful / sad side than the hair-raising or mordantly humorous one. Cale’s equivalent to Newman’s “Louisiana 1927.”

2 thoughts on ““Buffalo Ballet” – John Cale

  1. There are a number of clips on Y-Tube of tracks from “Paris 1919” performed with an orchestra. I know the originals have an almost perfect accompaniment (I listen to the LP every week) but these versions are of high quality. Not one with over 500 views !

    • Thanks for the tip. I love “Paris 1919” and am sorry that the album (as well as Cale’s other work) is not as well-known as it should be. I still kick myself for giving away his autobio “WhAt’s Welsh for Zen?” years ago. I’d like to pick up another copy (even on Kindle), but it’s now insanely expensive.

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