“Spirit of Truth aka One Man Show” (1997) – Vincent Stewart as Reverend X

One of the sad by-products of the explosion of the internet was the virtual disappearance of public access cable TV shows.  No, they haven’t gone away completely, but the sheer  variety of lunacy that used to be prevalent just isn’t there any longer.  With phones being able to record video in 1080P HD and uploading to the internet, it’s just too easy these days.  Before this technology became accessible, you had to go down to your local cable provider and if you had $20 and didn’t violate local community standards, you could do whatever you wanted to for a half-hour or so and have it broadcast.  Watching public access cable TV back in the day was like a Whitman’s Sampler of insanity … you never knew what you were going to get, but more than likely, it would at least be interesting enough to finish.

Which leads me to Reverend X’s “One Man Show” from 1997.  Allegedly broadcast on Los Angeles public access TV, this minister (whose real name is Vincent Stewart) became an internet legend around the mid 2000s, when tapes of his profanity-laden sermons broadcast surfaced online.  This is an 8-minute compilation from one of his shows.  Yes, if you’re a fan of internet memes, you’ve probably seen this dozens of times already, but after 8 years of watching this, I never get tired of it.   Simply put, it makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.  I especially love the way he yells at the callers who try to heckle him.  Due to lots of profanity and what some may consider blasphemy, not safe for work, little ones, or those who take their religion too seriously.

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